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MAGI social properties

The various social enterprises assist in developing the economy and the workforce by combining job skills training with real business operations.


 Revenues derived from each social enterprise contribute to the costs of that enterprise’s overhead and training, as well as the overall operational  costs of the parent nonprofit organization, Modesto. A. Gomez, Inc. 


Currently, none of MAGI’s social services or enterprises are dependent on governmental subsidies and/or grants. 

BINGO plus

6364 Montana Ave., El Paso


MAGI Bingo is licensed under the

Texas Lottery Commission. 

Sessions are held:

  • Tuesdays at 7 PM,

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM


MAGI Bingo is the only social enterprise that incorporates traditional nonprofit fundraising elements into its operation. Currently, none of MAGI’s social services or enterprises are dependent on governmental subsidies and grants



for more information.

Eden Assisted Living

8961 Ankerson Street, El Paso, Tx 79904


    A 16-bed, Type B, assisted-living facility, licensed by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, focused on providing full spectrum of quality assisted-living services to the elderly and individuals w/disability…as well as providing excellent training and accreditation opportunities to entry-level caregivers.  

Modesto's Pantry

8961 Ankerson, El Paso, Tx 79904


The purpose of this enterprise is to empower low-income families, particularly those living in public housing communities, through the free distribution of food staples, employment opportunities and education to family members.   Modesto’s Pantry sustains these efforts through the support of local sponsors.  

Fossil Face Farms

8949 Ankerson St., El Paso, Tx 79904


A small scale urban farm in Northeast El Paso providing our community with nutritious and thoughtfully grown produce and medicinal plants, while providing educational opportunities and resources for natural gardening practices. 


Visit:  for more information.

MAGI Cultural Art Center
MAGI Properties

Chicago, Illinois


MAGI-CAC's Role is to enhance communities in Chicago, through culturally-based art forms (i.e., music, theater, visual art, etc.), as well as support of community activism.  MAGI-CAC sustains itself through entrepreneurial activities, consistent with the social enterprise model.


Visit: for more information.

8064-8066 Alameda Ave., El Paso, Tx 79915


A renovated 38-unit apartment complex and commercial property      focused on providing safe, quality, affordable housing, as well as enhancing the value and quality of life of the neighborhood.  

Visit: for more information.

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