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Enhancing the Quality of Life in the Community

Our Mission
Our History

MAGI follows a social entrepreneurial

model which allows a nonprofit to:


  1. Compete fairly in the market economy,

  2. Create family-supporting jobs in areas most in need of them and

  3. Provide a social service


  …all at the same time. 

Modesto A. Gomez, Inc. (MAGI) is a community-based,501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is “to enhance the quality of life in the community through entrepreneurial development and strategic alliances".


Our Philosophy
Our Model

For the past 33 years, Modesto A. Gomez, Inc. has enhanced the quality of life in El Paso and the surrounding community.


We changed our name from Employment Opportunity Services Inc. in 2003 to honor Modesto A. Gomez, a native El Pasoan whose legacy reflects a lifetime of charitable endeavors an civic duty 

Our philosophy represents a shift from the traditional nonprofit role which redistributes wealth into low-income communities…


to an entrepreneurial role, which actually creates and reinvests wealth into low-income communities

Our Credibility

Our credibility and capacity in the industrial, home care, lottery and social service arenas has led to agreements with such entities as:


•Bienvivir (personal care)

•Area Agency on Aging (personal care)

•Department of Aging & Disabilities Services (personal care),

•Texas Lottery Commission (charitable bingo)

•AARP (social services)

•Socorro Independent School District (industrial/social service),

•Lexmark International, Inc. (industrial),

•and many, many others.  

Modesto A Gomez Members of MAGI Circle of Social Enterprises
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